Cloud Computing Services

Neon Surge offers a complete range of remote cloud computing and consulting services to customers from all industries worldwide.

We’ve helped organizations to transition mission-critical applications to the cloud, supported services with intensive availability demands, developed serverless applications, implemented process alongside technology, and much more. Our work enhances business performance and profitability.

Neon Surge developers and engineers are available for advisory and consulting work, discover more about how this could benefit your business or project.

Leave the server maintenance and administration to the experts – migrate your applications, servers, and databases to the cloud without any disruption to ongoing operations.

Containerize your mission-critical applications and micro-services. With automated container management, they will automatically be monitored and repaired ensuring business continuity and rapid, reliable automated deployments.

Neon Surge can transform your monitoring and insights, with the ability to rapidly surface all relevant metrics and present them in beautiful, relevant charts and dashboards. We also educate and mentor your team to leverage these tools effectively.

Modernize your databases and access industry leading availability, scalabilty and processing power when you migrate your databases to the cloud with Neon Surge.

Leveraging leading DevOps tools and practices, Neon Surge can help your business experience the benefits of game-changing agility and resilience.

These are the more common services we provide, however we’re ready to tackle any technology challenge. So if the service you are looking for isn’t listed, please get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

Find out how these services and more can empower your business. We're ready to help!

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