Cloud Computing Advisory & Consulting

A specialised and experienced senior practitioner is invaluable in this space. If you don’t have the desire or capacity to engage a permanent staff member, opting for a consultant or advisor to assist is an appealing alternative which brings a fresh perspective to your business.

While the ways in which an experienced advisor can help are numerous and beyond this list, some examples of the kinds of advisory and consulting work we do:

Design and Creation

From strategy through to implementation, bring us onboard to design and implement a tailored solution. We love to apply a curious mindset to complex problems including: 

  • Employing evidence-based decision making
  • Designing for ongoing evolution
  • Empowering change with strategic communication design
  • Using Enterprise Governance & Risk
  • Expert and peer reviews to identify opportunities for optimisation 
  • Clear, actionable analysis with strategic options 
  • Enhanced procedures with targeted communication 
  • Identifying critical controls for enterprise risk 
  • Developing practical enterprise risk reporting


It’s essential your product or service is tested thoroughly to ensure it’s battle-ready for your end environment. We offer testing and trialling including:

  • Clear, evidence-based decision making thoughout the experimentation process
  • Identifying and/or engaging with key stakeholders
  • Ensuring concepts, campaigns and plans can be tested
  • Measuring chance of success through simulated workshops
  • Prototyping to understand possibilities
  • Automated software testing including simulating the end environment for your product

Decision Support

Feel confident in making the big calls (or the “small” ones!) by drawing on expertise which has “seen it all before”. 

We can assist by:

  • Identifying critical controls and information requirements for effective decision making
  • Applying insightful analysis and design with systems thinking
  • Developing tools to support decision making based on data
  • Drawing on evidence and research, industry standard best-practice and invaluable decades of experience

Investment Management

Cushion your valuable investments with the wisdom of expertise and evidence.

We can support your investment management by:

  • Enabling clarity of investment decisions in financial allocation, resources time and opportunity
  • Aligning stakeholder needs and interests
  • Advising better prioritisation of investments
  • Identifying benefits to make more sustainable critical decisions

Worried about what will happen when our service ends? We pride ourselves in work which is designed with the future in mind, offering training and documentation for any solution as well as ongoing support if you need it. 

Let's explore how a custom consulting arrangement with Neon Surge can work for you.

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