Data & Analytics Services

With cloud computing, we have access to more data than ever before but the opportunity is wasted when businesses aren’t equipped to work with their data.

Neon Surge can equip engineering teams with the cloud computing infrastructure and tools needed to gather, store, and process data at unprecedented scale. 

We can help with these services and more:

Want to improve your data & analytics now?

We will assess your existing data structure and storage and design a cloud based solution for your business to migrate to. We’ll support the process, educating your team on the journey to equip them for their new data environment.

Cloud Data and Analytics Training

If we perform migration for you or not, Neon Surge can train your teams in how to work with cloud based data and incorporate these new tools into their process and skillset effectively.

Data visualisation

Using Prometheus and Grafana, we can present data visually in tailored and meaningful dashboards which reveal the inner workings of your online services.

Data based decisions

Gather relevant insights with advanced data and analytics tailored to the needs of your business or cloud project and take meaningful action.

Measure impact

Reliable measurement of metrics over time empower your teams to track the impact of new deployments and evolve them based on real evidence.

Cloud data advantage

Analyse and store data in the cloud. Take advantage of cloud computing benefits of security, availability and accessibility for your teams.

Informed Automation

Data informs action. Processes can be triggered by newly revealed data insights, delivering action at speed.

Understand opportunity

With improved insights from detailed relevant data and analytics, the opportunities to efficiently improve your processes and applications become clear.

Neon Surge offers a full suite of data services, including analytics & data warehousing, data migration, predictive analytics, machine learning, data cleaning, and data reconciliation. 

We are ready to uncover the opportunities that better management of data and analytics in the cloud can offer your business and will tailor a custom approach for your specific needs.

Unlock the benefits of advanced cloud data and analytics for your business.

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