Database Services

Replace on-premises databases with purpose-built cloud infrastructure.

Take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, modernize your legacy databases on the AWS cloud platform. Neon Surge can help you leverage the processing power, scalability, and uptime the cloud offers to support your most complex applications at a lower overall cost.

Ready to migrate your databases to the cloud?

Managed Databases

We will oversee the transition to managed databases including automated provisioning, managing, and scaling of databases. Your team learn alongside our engineers.

Cloud Database Agility

Commercial databases can be rigid and inflexible. Neon Surge will support your transition to cloud-optimized, open source-compatible databases. Enjoy better performance and innovation readiness at a lower cost.

Cloud Database Training

Engage Neon Surge to upskill your existing team with training that meets their level and elevates their understanding to take advantage of Cloud Databases.

Database Scaling

If you need to scale now, or prepare for business growth, we can help. Cloud Databases offer near-unlimited scalability and high availability, ready to support the next phase of your development.

Ensure your business benefits from cloud databases, contact us for a tailored assessment.

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