DevOps Services

Streamline operations and accelerate application development and deployment with best-in-class Cloud DevOps practices supported by Neon Surge.

DevOps tools, skills and principles are essential for organizations to streamline the development and deployment process and accelerate innovation. Neon Surge can guide you to implement DevOps best practices and leverage powerful AWS solutions to automate your cloud infrastructure.


Neon Surge can uncover how your organization’s current DevOps practice is serving or underperforming, both through technology and personnel practices.

DevOps Consulting

Leverage our years of experience to address the needs of your particular organisation, and avoid common pitfalls we have witnessed working with a broad range of clients.

Education & Mentoring

Upskill your DevOps practitioners with tailored training sessions or mentoring services from Neon Surge.


Our technology stack has been refined and optimised over many implementations. We can work with your teams to implement both the technology and operational workflow to ensure your organisation achieves the greatest DevOps resilience and agility.

Troubleshooting DevOps

Legacy systems can be poorly documented or understood. We can work with what you’ve got to untangle complications and return the cohesion and understanding to your DevOps practice.

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